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Item Description

1517 Smag Grapples  Located in WA
 Smag Chip Grapples and one clam shell bucket, year 1999.
1623 Montgomery Hog  Located in OR
 Montgomery model 10 fixed hammer hog.
1638 Jonco Dip Tank  Located in WA
 Jonco Lumber package (treating) dip tank, with infeed rolls, tank 24' long, 8'-3" wide, 11' deep, hydraulic hold downs, outfeed chains, pump, strainer, 26' X 40' building and drawings.
1671 MFG. Breakdown Hoist  Located in OR
 Breakdown hoist chain type, 3 arms spaced at 66" apart, with 5 HP brake motor mounted.
1752 MFG. Electrical  Located in OR
 Electrical motor controls, all installed in 40' container, several solid state reduced voltage starters, other starters, breakers, main transformer, etc. complete list available.
1758 MFG. Planer  Located in WA
 Timber planer, 48" x 24" top & bottom heads.
1761 Nicholson Chipper  Located in WA
 Nicholson lily pad drum chipper, 30" x 72", 36 knives.
1763 Klamath Carriage  Located in WA
 Klamath 2 bunk carriage, 66" spacing, lineal positioners setworks, complete system with hyd drive and control booth.
1764 Klamath Bandmill  Located in WA
 Klamath 7' Bandmill
1766 MFG. Bucking Saw  Located in WA
 Two 84" circular log bucking saws, pendulum type with motors and spare blades.
1767 MFG. Hog  Located in WA
 Knife (hog) chipper for veneer, 42" wide opening.
1811 Stetson Ross Planer  Located in CN
 Stetson Ross planer, model 6-12-C1, 16 knives, complete with infeed chip blanker.
1828 Reliance Motor  Located in CN
 Reliance 150 HP motor, 1781 RPM, 460 volt, 7EB445T frame, TEFC.
1835 MFG. Motor  Located in CN
 High efficiency induction motor, 350 HP, 1780 RPM, 460 volt.
1845 MFG. Hydraulic Unit  Located in CN
 Hydraulic power unit, 25 HP, 460 volt, oil gear pump, mod PVWH45LSAY.CNCN, w/oil tank.
1848 American Compactor  Located in WA
 American process systems, bag compactor, 20 x 16 x 24" bales.
1851 Air Care Blower  Located in WA
 (2) Air Care clean air fans, series 40, 24" inlets, c/w 200 HP moters, 1783 RPM, 4160 volt and 600 AMP Square D mains & soft starts for 4160 volt.
1918 Morbark Chipper  Located in CN
 Morbark Model 22, portable chipper, 75" chipper, 380hp Cummins diesel, Savage grapple loader. will chip 22" diameter logs tree length.
1926 Cambio Barker  Located in NW
 18" Cambio debarker.
1945 Salem Resaw  Located in NW
 Salem 60" Linebar Resaw.
1946 Sutorbuilt Blower  Located in NW
 Sutorbuilt high pressure blower, 50 HP on frame, model GAFMD PA / U53897.
1962 Williams & White Grinder  Located in NW
 Williams & White flat knife grinder, 48" long acme clamp bar. 7.5 HP motor 230/460 volt.
1977 Rapistan Conveyor  Located in WA
 Rapistan belt conveyor, designed for truck loading boxes etc. 18" wide, 12' long, on wheels, raises - lowers - angles. with drive motor - 115 volt.
1980 Air Care Blower  Located in WA
 Air Care blower, 24" diameter fan, 8" inlet diameter, 60 HP motor - 3555 RPM, 460 volt.
1981 Prochem Mixers  Located in WA
 Prochem products (Robbins Myers) Tank mixer drives with stainless drive shafts. 25 HP - 364 RPM, 460 volt. Model 30MD1S, quanity (4)
1985 Rader Feeder  Located in WA
 Rader (Clarke's) Feeder, 45 x 55 with 20 HP SM Cyclo drive. On stand with 16" T-Injector.
1986 Globe Core Saw  Located in WA
 Globe Core Saw, band type, 20" diameter wheels, 10 HP motor 3 PH, 208-220-440 volt. Roller saw guides and spare blades.
1987 Kockums Shaker Screen  Located in WA
 Kockums Shaker Screen, 7' X 7', 5 HP - 460 volt.
1990 Cram A Lot Baler  Located in OR
 Cram A Lot Baler, Model 60H-HB, made by JB MFG. in Springdale AK.
1996 Oliver Planer  Located in OR
 Oliver Model # 170 Strait O Plane.
1997 Ogam Gang Rip Saw  Located in OR
 (2) Ogam gang rip saws, model P 340 with lots of blades and parts.
2005 Black Clawson Shaker Screen  Located in OR
 Black Clawson shaker screen, model 6'x 12', 5 HP 230/460 volt motor, single wire mesh screen with 1/4" and 1/8" holes.
2006 MFG. Log Splitter  Located in OR
 Portable hydraulic log splitter, with double hydraulic rams, Onan generator to run the hydraulic power unit. 8' stroke and quad splitter.
2008 West Salem Hog  Located in OR
 West Salem Machinery Hog, Model 36" x 65", with 400 HP 2300 volt motor 888 RPM.
2009 MFG. Conveyor  Located in OR
 Troughing roll belt conveyor, 48" wide belt, several sections 40' long with Falk drive.
2010 MFG. Feeder  Located in OR
 Chip Feeders with drives. 20x30 - 20x20-3/4" 16x18.
2012 MFG. Tank  Located in WA
 Stainless Steel Tanks. One approximately 12' diameter by 10' high. Other 95" diameter by 15' tall.
2017 Fortis Planer  Located in OR
 Fortis planer, single top head, 24"x 9" with 10 HP motor.
2020 HMC Sawmill  Located in CO
 HMC Sawmill, double (saw)husk with edger saws, infeed and outfeed.
2021 Saftronics Electrical  Located in NV
 Saftronics soft start, SY6, 460 volt, serial # 634607. Was the starter for a 60 HP blower motor.
2028 Whitney Planer  Located in IL
 Whitney double head surface planer, model 24A, 40" wide, 4 knives, 30 HP top, 20 HP bottom.
2029 Orton Planer  Located in IL
 Orton single head surface planer, model C, 30" x 24" capacity. 30 HP, 4 knife, oiler and jointer.
2037 Industrial Finger Jointer  Located in OR
 (2) Industrial finger jointers, Model 3470.
2038 Smag Grapples  Located in NC
 Smag grapple by Peiner Greifer, opens to 7.5'.
2042 Jeffrey Hog  Located in CAN
 Jeffrey 42"x 48" hammer hog, flywheel and 350 HP motor all mounted on steel base.
2406 Acrowood Screen  Located in BC
 Acrowood diamond roll screen, model 5096. 8' x 16' deck, (4) particle separation. 15 HP Falk drive, 94" long rolls, aprox. Cap. 245 CU. M 1 HR.
2409 Stetson Ross Planer  Located in LA
 Stetson Ross Planer model 6-10A1, (6) head, 10 knives, 20" wide capacity, with feed table, electrical panel, suction manifold, set up grinder.
2414 Tannewitz Band Saw  Located in WA
 Tannewitz 24 band saw, with motor, starter and controls.
2416 Kimwood Hog  Located in CAN
 Kimwood portable hog, 400 HP Cat diesel 3406. 36" infeed opening, infeed and outfeed conveyors.
2421 L-M Equip. Co. End Squeeze  Located in CAN
 L-M Equipment lumber pack end squeeze, even ender for 7' to 26' long packs, hydraulic motor drive.
2425 MFG. Blower  Located in CAN
 High pressure blowers and feeders.
2428 MFG. Conveyor  Located in WA
 Steel belt conveyor trough with rollers. 9-1/2" wide inside by 100' long.
2429 Jacobson Hog  Located in WA
 Jacobson Ajax Hammer Mill, model 2400, 75 HP 575 volt.
2433 MFG. Shrink Wrap Machine  Located in WA
 Shrink Wrap machine, 68" diameter table by 5' high capacity.
2435 US Motor  Located in WA
 Two US 50 HP, TEFC Motors 1770 RPM, 230/460 volt.
2440 General Electric Generator  Located in WA
 4.6 MW GE Condensing Steam Turban and 2.25 MW GE Generator with Switch gear Transformers and equipment.
2442 MFG. Cyclone  Located in WA
 Welded steel cyclone 42" diameter, 7' long. 12" outlet, 5-1/2" x 20" inlet with transition.
2443 Mattison Moulder  Located in WA
 Mattison moulder model 229, 4" x 8" capacity, 4 hd. 4 knives, 440 volt, with blower and knife grinder.
2448 Williams & White Stretcher Roll  Located in CAN
 Williams & White 72" stretcher roll for circle saws, will do dish-O-matic. With arms not shown.
2459 Morbark Chip Harvestor  Located in BC
 Morbark portable whole log chipper. Model 22 total chip harvestor. 380 HP Cummins diesel, 75" 3 knife chipper.
2462 MFG. Auger  Located in WA
2463 MFG. Conveyor  Located in WA
 Belt conveyor 30" wide by 23' long.
2464 MFG. Transfer  Located in WA
 Transfers with rolls.
2465 West Salem Chipper  Located in WA
 West Salem Machinery 48" chipper. Horizontal feed, bottom discharge, with 125 HP motor.
2467 Newman Trimmer  Located in AZ
 Newman K-20 Trimmer, 24" diameter moveable saws.
2468 Fortis Resaw  Located in NE
 Fortis Machinery heavy duty vertical band resaw, roll feed. Model DRBL-125
2476 Western Pneumatics Dust Filter  Located in WA
 Western Pneumatics, dust collector filter. Model F72 10' bags, 6' diameter body, mfg. 2004, with Western 25 x 35 feeder 5 HP.
2478 Carter Day Dust Filter  Located in WA
 Carter Day, dust collector filter. (200) 6" x 8' bags and a spare set. Pulse jet cleaning, auger with air lock.
2479 Twin City Blower  Located in WA
 Twin City Blower, size 540, Type HIB, clean air, 46" inlet.
2480 Nordco Blower  Located in CAN
 (2) Nordco Blowers, 33" inlet, 20" wide x 68" diameter fan. 3-15/16" shaft.
2481 New York Blower  Located in CAN
 New York Blower, clean air type, size 547, RTS fan, 49" inlet, 3-15/16" diameter shaft.
2483 Sweed Chopper  Located in ID
 Sweed scrap banding chopper, model 400 AC, serial # 12139.
2484 Advanced Scissor Hoist  Located in UT
 Advanced scissor lift, 6000 # capacity, with hydraulic power unit - 3 phase power and remote control. 4' x 16' with rollers on top, 18" retracted and 45" extended. Separate roll table to go with,
2490 Triple S Dynamics Shaker Screen  Located in WA
 Triple S Dynamics shaker screen conveyor. 26" wide by 20' long, 10 HP drive, 1-1/2" holes in screen.
2493 MFG. Log Splitter  Located in OR
 Log Splitter, chain saw type with carriage, can be used to cut cants.
2494 Peerless Trailer Dump  Located in ME
 Peerless portable trailer dumper, 31' long tilt deck, ramp, out riggers, hydraulics and cat walk.
2499 MFG. Blower  Located in OR
 Size 70 blower, material mover type, 46" diameter fan, 27" diameter inlet, 100 HP motor.
2501 Mid-Oregon Chop Saw  Located in OR
 Mid-Oregon mechanical chop saws, (6) saws, left and right hand.
2502 Morbark Chipper  Located in OR
 Morbark portable chipper, with grapple loader.
2503 Hyundia Wheel Loader  Located in OR
 Hyundia 760-7 front end wheel loader with log forks.
2504 CAT Stroker  Located in OR
 Cat 320-L stroker
2505 Timber Jack Stroker  Located in OR
 Timberjack 635 stroker.
2510 MDI Metal Detector  Located in WA
 MDI metal detector for belt conveyor or vibratory conveyor. Model CR-85, Serial # 0715. Search coil 36" L x 20" W and 6.5" thick. Fiberglass section 5' L, 18" wide in bottom and 23" wide at top, 12" deep.
2512 Allied Blower  Located in CAN
 Two Allied Blowers. Size #40, with 50HP motors, 460 volt.
2513 Morbark Sawmill  Located in OR
 Morbark Portable Sawmill. 250 HP electric, control cab, ele starters, infeed log deck, outfeed rollcase with kicker, waste conveyor and 56" dia saw blade.
2514 Industrial Chop Saw  Located in OR
 Industrial Jump Saw, LH. board trimmer, Model C500L, pneumatic operated, 5HP 230/460 volt, 14" dia. saw blade. Electric switches and foot pedal control.
2522 Morbark Barker  Located in WA
 Morbark model 640 log barker. With operators cab, controls and hydraulics. 30 HP HYD. motor and 75 HP head motor 460 volt. No infeed or outfeed conveyors.
2523 VK Brunette Hog  Located in CAN
 VK Brunette Hog Model 4848 with two 250 HP motors 575 volt. (2) discharge chutes, (1) spare grate, (1) box of belts, spare cutters and (2) bearing housings.
2518 Champion Hog  Located in WA
 Champion (hog) hammer mill, 75 HP - 3540 RPM, 460 volt. Infeed chute 9 1/2" x 14".
2519 Bush Chipper  Located in WA
 Bush 66" waste wood chipper, 8 knives, horizontal feed, top discharge.
2521 Timesaver Sander  Located in WA
 Timesaver speed belt sander line, model TBO25-25D. Top and bottom heads, 25" wide paper. Infeed break down, hydraulics, sticker reclaim, rollfeed, landing table, green chain.
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